Project description

The present global situation, with economic crises affecting many countries and regions, has had a negative impact on the availability of employment opportunities for qualified people. This has led a growing number of people to consider entrepreneurship as an avenue towards employment seeking out agencies and organisations to help them realise their business ideas.

This in turn has also created a challenge for those who promote and provide support services and infrastructures focused directly with the creation and set-up of enterprises as the demand for services is often not matched with resources. To support new business creation, more needs to be done to support the dialogue and interaction between entrepreneurial spaces organisations, research and education institutions, development agencies and potential entrepreneurs.

The objectives of the INCUB Training Project are to:

  • Encourage and develop collaborative learning and critical thinking, through the strategic use of ICT;
  • Create and implement a user friendly e-learning platform as an Open Educational Resource (OER);
  • Promote methodologies of open and flexible learning of our target groups;
  • Improve the training and professional capacities, notably in areas of strategic development (such as the creation of youth-led companies), organisational management and internationalisation.