The final report of the project INCUB TRAINING was approved with a classification of 94 points, being recommended as Good Practice within ERASMUS+ Programme. This project was approved on the programme call of 2014, in which was classified in 1st place.

Within the comments of the final evaluation, we highlight the following:

“Great efficiency in the execution of the project, respecting the deadlines, the objectives and the products. It is a good example of action focused in the objective, well planned and well executed. The results with the internationalization of the platform are appreciable.”

“Perfectly in line with the European and National objectives’ of fighting the youth unemployment and for the creation of enterprises.”

“It deserves relevance the close collaboration with other ERASMUS+ projects and initiatives, in an admirable logic of synergies.”

“The quantitative and qualitative indicators were reached and exceeded.”

“The results presented reveal an effective collaboration between partners.”

“The website and the platform are still operational, being a sustainable project and it follows beyond the European financing.”


Given the results of the evaluation, the INCUB TRAINING partnership is thankful to all beneficiaries and to all organizations participating in the activities, for all the support and confidence manifested along the 2 years of the project execution.

This partnership continues to collaborate actively, aiming not only the strengthen of the INCUB TRAINING project results, but also for developing new common actions regarding entrepreneurship, HR capacitating and support to enterprises and regional development.