Monthly Archives: April 2015


1st International Workshop with Beneficiaries

Was held last November 26, the 1st International Workshop with project beneficiaries. They are planned in total 3 workshops that aim to establish contact between the project partners and potential end users of the results and content. This 1st workshop with the participation of project partners, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs of the Alto Tamega Region. The project INCUB TRAINING was presented as well as its main objectives. The topics were related to the project, including the e-learning platform and the experience of UTAD regarding entrepreneurship and lecionação courses in this area. Finally it was presented the Entrepreneurship Plan Alto Tamega.

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1st Transnational Meeting

The 1st transnational partnership meeting held in Chaves on the 25th November 2014. It counted on the participation and collaboration of all partners and ran according to plan. A fruitful collaboration between the partners, which will certainly contribute to a successful project has been established.